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Save Time, Money -- and Your Back -- with an Inexpensive, Easy-to-Use Lawn Vacuum Today.

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Lawn Vacuums

It's Never Been Easier to Have the Best Looking Lawn in the Neighborhood

The Old Way...

For years you raked your yard.  It was simple enough. 

Actually, the act of raking your yard and how you have done it, has not changed since the invention of the lawn mower in 1830 by Edwin Beard Budding in England.  Maybe, raking the yard, was one of the reasons the founding fathers decided they would leave Great Britain!

What other technology invented in the early 1800’s are we still using?  Sure, today’s rake looks different than it did back then, but the basic technology has not changed.  The Lawn Vacuum would not be invented for another 125 years.  
The wear and tear on you and your back has not changed either! 

If you added up all the hours you’ve spent raking your yard; Lets say, for example, half an hour a week for six months a year (this will vary depending on where you live-but for our purposes, we will use that figure) for 40 years -- that is 520 total hours of your life spent on back breaking, boring, hot and terrible work.
If it took a half hour to mow, you had to add at least the same amount of time to hand rake your yard.  Then you had to collect the clippings in a bag and dispose of them.  All of these extra steps added extra time and effort to your weekend.
What if there was a way to drastically reduce the time you spent raking and cleaning your yard?  What would you do with your extra time?  They say time is money.  Your time saved is money saved. 

The Better Way...

Today, we have the technology to use things such as electric blowers, garden vacuums, walk behind lawn vacuums and lawn sweepers to save time and money in your yard.  These wonderful time savers do more than save time, they also save your poor back.
Dr. Lawn Vacuum, Billy Goat Lawn, Swisher Lawn Vacuum and Agri Fab Lawn Vacuum are some excellent products listed on the Lawn Vacuum Ratings.  These high quality products can not only save money and save your spine, they will improve the appearance of your yard.
These unique products are environmentally friendly as well.  Some Push Lawn Vacuums and Lawn Mower Vacuums have no environmental impact at all.  They can be used in coordination with an old fashioned push mower.  They are simply dragged behind the mower as you mow, alleviating the need to rake your yard.  When you’re done, you simply throw your clippings in your mulch or compost bin.
Others are run on renewable energy resources like electricity or can be used in coordination with rechargeable mowers.  Electric Leaf Blowers,  Lawn Sweepers and some Leaf Vacuums can all be used with a minimal affect on the environment.

Lawn Leaf Vacuums, Lawn Vacuum  Blowers and Lawn Vacuum Clippers can actually be good for the environment.  Each of these items has a unique way of helping shape the future of the planet.  They can help make mulch and improve the quality of your garden with a healthy addition for your compost pile.

Save Time & Make More Money

The commercial applications for items such as Turf Vacuums and Lawn Leaf Vacuums can save not only time, but will also make your business more money.  If you could mow and clean the clippings at once instead of adding the extra step and manpower of using a loud and non-environmentally friendly gas powered blower, why wouldn’t you?
You may already be utilizing one of these time savers.  You may need  parts for those machines.  If you are looking for specific Lawn Vacuum Parts, the best way to locate them is by using the model number of the product you are looking for.